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Dr. Angie Skokos

Dr. Angie Skokos takes the necessary time to listen to her patients, answer their questions, and educate them of their health concerns. No two patients have the same treatment plan, as everyone has a different health history and family history. Dr. Skokos’ experience in assisting patients naturally without medication since 2002 has assisted her in helping her patients reach their desired health goals. She believes in the importance of having an open, honest relationship between her patients, so that there is never any confusion throughout the course of treatment.


Dr. Skokos has earned a number of degrees as well as certifications throughout her professional career. She has earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC) from National University of Health Sciences (2002); degree in Master’s of Science in Advance Clinical Practice (MSACP) from National University of Health Sciences (2013); Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Sciences from Benedictine University (BS) with a Spanish Minor (1996); Certification in Acupuncture (2001); Certification in International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (2004); Certificate in Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupuncture) (2015); Certification in Kinesiotaping I, II, III (2011); Certification in McKenzie Technique for low back (2015); Medical Examiner for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified) (2014); Manipulation Under Anesthesia (2007). Dr. Skokos continues her education in her special interests which include acupuncture, rehab, and nutrition and functional medicine. She is an Illinois-licensed chiropractic physician since 2002.
Dr. Skokos has been named in “Strathmore’s Who’s Worldwide in 2019.” Strathmore’s Who’s Who is dedicated to recognizing successful physicians throughout the world. In 2018, she was awarded “The Leading Physicians of the World As a Top Chiropractor,” a recognition granted to physicians who exemplify achievements, professionalism, as well as stellar performance in their health field. She also has been awarded the “Top Doctor” Awards in Illinois in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. Top Doctor Awards is dedicated to selecting and honoring those healthcare practitioners who have demonstrated clinical excellence while delivering the highest standards of patient care. Top Doctor Awards specializes in recognizing and commemorating the achievements of today’s most influential and respected doctors in medicine. Their selection process considers education, research contributions, patient reviews, and other quality measures to identify top doctors.
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Dr. Skokos has treated patients who have suffered from a wide variety conditions ranging from musculoskeletal conditions to internal disorders. Whether it is treating sciatica, migraine headaches, acid-reflux, overall wellness, controlling stress and anxiety–to quitting smoking, assisting her patients lower his/her high cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels, her ultimate goal is to assist them achieve their health goals.

By having the ability to speak three languages, in addition to helping the English-speaking population, she caters to the Greek and Hispanic communities. Dr. Skokos caters and treats each patient individually, given the health issues encountered.

Finally, because she implements natural, conservative means of treating and addressing her patients’ health, as well as helping them maintain their health and wellness, Dr. Skokos assists patients ranging from a few minutes old, to those who have lived a fuller life, including those in the upper 90’s.


At ChiroCare Clinic Wellness Center, our mission is to serve our patients and to help restore and maintain their bodies’ health and wellness by implementing alternative care. Medication, injections, or surgery is never implemented at ChiroCare Clinic; however, please keep in mind that it is not uncommon to co-manage our alternative approach with allopathic medicine. In fact, it is best that patient exhausts the model of alternative, holistic care prior to partaking in any invasive procedures, including surgery. As I tell my friends, family members, and patients, it is much easier to maintain a healthy body than it is to fix it.

Please understand that there is hope in restoring your health and accomplishing a healthy lifestyle so that you are able to once again do the things that you once loved. By working as a team, together we can overcome your health concerns and fears. Finally, please know that I am here to serve the community and to have a positive impact on people’s health. As I say to everyone, “Your health is your wealth. Invest in it today.” Begin living the life you deserve TODAY.