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Ofelia Juarez's Story

Ofelia Juarez

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I was suffering from back pain for a long time. Over the years, my problem got worse, but thanks to the treatment I am undergoing with the doctor Skokosmy back pain has almost completely disappeared. In my opinion, she is a great person who cares about her patients. and he helps them with everything that is within her reach, professionally and financially, she is a great human being. Thank you very much doctor Skokos.

Ofelia Juarez

Entela Iskali's Story

Entela Iskali

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Dr Angie Skokos is professional and also makes you feel so comfortable when you meet her.
I feel so much better from the time I got therapy by her. Highly recommend it. Anna Iskali

Entela Iskali


Successful treatment of back and neck pain

“Hi. My name is Melissa and I’m a dentist and I’m very happy that I came to see Dr. Angie when I did. I’m very early on in my career and I was having horrible back pain, neck pain, and I was really worried with what was going to happen in five or ten years…if I was going to need surgery, or if it was going to complicate me having a long profession. After about six weeks, I was virtually pain-free and I feel very prepared to have a very long, productive, healthy pain free career. I feel like Dr. Angie has prepared me for that.” —M.V

Successful Chiropractic Treatment of Treating Low Back Pain and Restoring the Ability to Walk Again

“Mi nombre es Daniel Ramirez y quiero decir que mi espalda es much mejor desde visitar a la
doctora. Es muy buen tratamiento. En solo dos meses, pude caminar otra vez y no podia
caminar. Me siento muy contento y feliz con los resultados que yo tuve con ella. Gracias.”
—D. R.
“My name is Daniel Ramirez and I want to say that my back is much better as a result of seeing the doctor. It is very good treatment. In only two months, I was able to walk again because I was unable to walk. I am very happy with the results that I had with her. Thank you.” —D.R.

Successful Treatment of Low Back Pain and Sleep Utilizing Chiropractic Care

“Hey there! I come to chiropractic care because it is very important. I’ve recently injured myself at work and thought, ‘It’s OK, I’ll get over this. It will get better.’ And it didn’t. So I decided to reach out, and it has helped greatly: my back has become slowly realigned and I’m getting better sleep. I’m able to just walk around comfortably without wincing every moment. I feel happier. I feel better. And I highly suggest it to EVERYBODY because you want to get to it before it gets worse because I feel like I’m going to do this for the rest of my life now. So I highly suggest you get some chiropractic care because it will (just) make you feel wonderful and will help you heal better, faster, quicker, and just think of joy….it’s wonderful. Do it!”—V.G.

Success of An Athlete Utilizing The Alternative Approach

“Dr. Angie has been instrumental in keeping me active and allowing me to be pain-free through all of my activities. I play lot of basketball and I do a lot of running, and those two sports are really hard on the knees, ankles, and legs. I’ve had my share of tightness and pain. That’s when I turned to Dr. Angie who put me on the right treatment plan of cupping therapy, acupuncture and the right stretches. I followed her recommendations by coming to all of my treatment sessions, performing my exercises, and doing whatever she tells me. This has allowed me to be back in action without any pain and no tightness. This is important to me, as I get older. By having a good chiropractor like Dr. Angie, I’ve been able to continue to be active in my athletic activities.
I also had one tremendous low back injury that resulted from lifting weights 3-4 years ago. I was in so much pain that I thought I needed surgery because I couldn’t even walk. Thankfully with Dr. Angie’s recommendation, within 3-4 months, I was back in action 100%. I have not had any pain since then as I followed her treatment plan. Thankfully, I took her advise! I am in the best shape I have been, thanks to Dr. Angie!”—J.M.

DOT/CDL Medical Examination

“The thing that I like most about Dr. Angie is she makes you feel warm, welcomed, and comfortable when you go into her office because sometimes we could be nervous when we go to any doctor. I go to Dr. Angie for the DOT which is the Department of Transportation Medical Certificate so her examination on that is very thorough. She goes through the whole report with you, and again, she makes you feel really good while you are there and completes that. I would highly recommend Dr. Angie for chiropractic care or the DOT certificate.” —G.G.

Successful treatment of migraine headaches and low back pain

“Hi. My name is Evelina and I’ve been actually suffering from back pain (lower back pain), migraine headaches, and I’ve been procrastinating. I put it off for so long, for many years, and I was finally recommended to Dr. Skokos and I finally made the appointment. We started with the adjustments, acupuncture, fire cupping and I feel that it’s been great. It’s been helping a lot with the pain and the headaches. I don’t get the headaches like I used to for days. So I HIGHLY recommend it. It is great…the holistic approach…I really love it. It’s been great for me.” —E.R.