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Weight Loss

HealthWise is a physician-supervised weight loss program with the intention of helping patients lose weight to overcome obesity, diabetes type II, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

By performing a thorough intake and evaluation, and by performing specific lab studies in our clinic to determine the overall health of the patient, Dr. Skokos compiles a detailed dietary plan specific to each patient. Our patients have the opportunity to choose from a number of nutritious and delicious shakes, bars, soups, and snacks. Finally, home-cooked meals are also recommended and incorporated so that once our patient has met his or her weight loss goal, keeping off the weight is successful.

Would you like more information about Healthwise Weight Loss Program? Please contact ChiroCare Clinic Wellness Center at (630) 703-7364, and reserve your seat at one of our upcoming, complimentary talks.


COVID19 disclaimer: As an essential health care provider, in an effort to control the spread of COVID19 during this crisis, ChiroCare Clinic is taking the necessary precautions and implementing strict guidelines, as per CDC, to ensure the safety of its staff and patients. This includes wearing proper protective equipment; spacing patients' appointments at least 30 minutes between each other; implementing a thorough sanitizing and cleaning between patients; and providing proper screening prior to seeing each patient. CDC is followed regularly and protocols are updated accordingly.